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eBay DOESN'T HAVE a phone number for customer (seller or buyer) support unless you're calling to report fraud (1-866-961-9253, but you won't be able to get anyone on this line unless it's a true fraud case which usually requires special code).

This is how you you get someone from eBay to call you or chat with a live person instead

(waiting time before they call you back varies):

1. Click on this link:

2. Scroll all the way down to the end of the page and click on Contact Us: 

3. Choose 1 of 6 topics

4. Choose any Subtopic and you will see Chat with our automated assistant or connect with an agent - click on it.


5. Chat will pop up where you will need to login into your ebay account and pick any option


6. Keep clicking on More options in the chat untill it shows you Contact an Agent option at the bottom. 


7. Click on Contact an agent and you can either chat or have them call you:

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