What is it and why do we do this?

This is a wiki for internet search results. One page practical and actionable responses written by people like you for any web search queries.

Imagine in the future you won’t search the internet by looking at a list of 10 links to websites that have relevant information but rather you will just type search words and a one pager that gives you the exact answer will appear on your screen. This one pager will be a result of open collaboration among volunteers like you who are passionate about this particular topic. Better information quicker.

Thebooq is a global community open for anyone where people can come together, connect together and work together to share information and create knowledge. This is a community of people passionate about uncovering knowledge and sharing their expertise. It’s a world where every citizen can own and control their own place on the internet.

Our mission is to initiate the world's transition from information search to knowledge production and distribution done by regular people. We believe this will make us, humans, immensely more effective and will accelerate progress. We want to reboot the internet and change it from the internet designed by and for companies (as a vehicle for delivering paid content) to the internet of, by and for people.