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Hi! My name is Andy and I started this project as a more convenient substitute for Google Spreadsheets for myself after I’ve done some random Internet searches to summarize information I found that I can use in the future. Lots of information is not available on the web and you have to spend some time gathering and summarizing it. Things like, who offers the cheapest cell phone plan in the US? What’s the best travel engine? Who are the available appliance repair technicians in a particular area? Some technical info that is impossible to find on the web but I found offline. And so on. For example, an appliance breaks once every year or two or three and instead of going to Google spreadsheet with the list of technicians who can help me I figured I need a website where I can create an article on it and retrieve it instantly using search words. I noticed that I can use different words over time to retrieve the same article so I created the functionality of adding different search words (synonyms) to the same article that allows you to retrieve it. Like ‘appliance repair tech in Oxford MS’ or ‘fridge repair in Oxford’ would open the same article with the list of 3 techs available and their pricing and availability. I wasn’t able to easily find it on the web before. Now instead of going to a spreadsheet I can just type these search words and see the notes I made.

Then, I realized that this information will be useful for other people making the same searches in Google and not finding what they need. So I made this site public (beta) at the beginning of 2022 to see if there would be other people willing to use it to read what I did and maybe create their own articles or improve existing ones.

I also realized that entire internet search could be potentially replaced with this database as the information here is much better and it’s quicker to retrieve it. We just need to create enough material like Wikipedia did. So I summarized the approach behind it and posted it to the world to see if there would be other people passionate about creating knowledge and sharing it with others and how many of us out there.


Thanks for reading this.