Unlimited Data Plans

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There are about 45 data plans that providers call "unlimited" in the US.

Some of them have certain number of initial data on 5G speed (with additional unlimited data on 2G), while others offer all data on 5G.

Here's rank by price for 1 line (with amount of 5G data offered), temp promos excluded:

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The best strategy of picking a plan is figure out which of 4 major networks (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) has the best coverage in your area (all of the 45 plans use one of these 4 networks) and then choosing among plans that use that provider(s).

Coverage maps from providers are misleading/doesn't provide detailed enough picture and we advise to try all providers by yourself or checking how plans on others' people phones work in those areas where you spend a lot of time every day.

Same chart with network used added:



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